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PCI VG 2 Universal Primer

Product information of the company:
Areas of application:
  • Dispersion primer for floors in the interior.
  • For priming prior to the application of floor levelers and fairing coats, also when subsequently bonding parquet flooring.
  • For priming on
    - absorbent substrates such as cement screed, calcium sulfate screed or magnesite screed
    - mastic asphalt screed
    - non-absorbent substrates such as tiles and coatings
    - Terrazzo floors
    - particle boards, OSB boards and wooden floorboards
    - substrates with waterproof residues from dispersion adhesives and reaction resin adhesives.
  • Suitable as filling base coat on wooden floorboards, particle boards and ceramic tiles after adding it to PCI STL 39 non-sag fairing coat.
  • Suitable for the use on ships; meets the requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC.


Product features:

  • Very low emissions PLUS, GEV-EMICODE EC 1 PLUS.
  • Awarded the environmental label "Blauer Engel" due to low emissions (RAL UZ 113).
  • Solvent free to TRGS 610; Giscode D1.
  • EU 2004/42/IIA(g)(50/30): < 2 g/l
  • Can be diluted with water 1 : 2 depending on substrate.
  • Only little splashing during the application.
  • Colored yellow-orange for good coverage control.
  • Prevents blowholes forming and rapid drying when leveling the substrate.
Colors: transparent, yellow-orange



Brand: PCI

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