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PaperJet® Naturpapier

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SpeedMan® & PaperJet® Paper

SpeedMan® and PaperJet® filling and cushioning papers consist of 100% recycled paper - no more and no less. and no less. Optical brighteners or harmful finishing agents are not harmful refining agents are consistently in the production process. SpeedMan® and PaperJet® - excellent excellent in terms of environmental protection.

100 % Made in Germany

SpeedMan® and PaperJet® filling and cushioning papers already protect the environment during production and transport. Like the SpeedMan® and the PaperJet® themselves are manufactured exclusively in Germany with ISO 50001 certification according to quality criteria and the latest technical standards. Closed water loops, combined heat and power generation and heat recovery ensure sustainable use of natural resources.

Short transport distances within Germany make SpeedMan® and PaperJet® filling and cushioning papers are regional products with an exemplary ecological balance.

Brand: PaperJet®

Sprick GmbH Bielefelder Papier- und Wellpappenwerke & Co.

Hanfstraße 23
33607 Bielefeld
Sandra Becker