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Object Carpet GmbH NEOO 1000 & AT NEOO 1000

Product information of the company:

NEOO, a sustainably green carpet, is available in three select shades of
gray, providing the perfect setting for modern architectur. The exciting
interplay of colors in the thread, with three different shades of gray, sometimes with sharp contrasts, sometimes with delicate nuances, combines
to create a unique high/low texture, extending its unique effect across
the entire surface. With its delicate aesthetics, NEOO interacts with
other colors, materials, light, and space, revealing creative
opportunities for sophisticated compositions. The Solution Dyed fiber used
not only minimises the environmental impact, but also gives NEOO
impressive product features, namely extreme durability, resistance to
dirt, and ease of maintenance. Focussed on the essential, smooth and
present, contemporary and timeless, NEOO is a unique textile floor
covering making its mark with much more than just sustainability.

Brand: Object Carpet GmbH



Marie-Curie-Straße 3
73770 Denkendorf
Patric Kannberg