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Nowy Styl Deutschland Modellreihe xenium Drehstuhl

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xenium® is a swivel chair that meets the requirements of DIN EN 1335 and NPR 1813. The design variants have been developed for the various functional areas. xenium® can be used at the computer workstation, at the reception desk, in the executive office or in the conference area. xenium® can be excellently adapted to the different individual body measurements and muscular systems and is therefore suitable for women and men, large and small as well as heavy and light persons.

The unique freework® mechanism provides more movement in the office. The dynamic opens in all directions and releases the back. In contrast to conventional seating concepts, the freework® mechanism not only supports forward mobility or reclining. The radius of action corresponds to 360 degrees - just as it should be completely natural.  Sitting like this means working dynamically in a natural way and the body is always in motion. 

Brand: Nowy Styl Deutschland

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