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MONDO Mondo Aria

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Micro granules product with smooth surface. More granules with tone in tone look makes the space more elegant and contemporary. Excellent wear resistance, designed to suit high burden and high traffic areas. Do not contain any plasticizer(phthalates),heavy metals(such as Hg,Cd,Sb,Pb,Mo),formaldehyde and asbestos. Having a low emission of volatile organic compounds(VOC). No toxicity of decomposition gases. In case of fire, the fumes released do not contain any corrosive gases. Non porous surface offers good resistance to stains. New protective coating is applied during the manufacturing process to make the subsequent maintenance easier to reduce the maintenance cost.

Brand: MONDO

Mondo Floorings (China) Co., Ltd.

Yanjiao High-tech Zone
Sanshe City, Hebei Province, PRC 065201