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moll prime Champion / Winner / Joker; children's and youth desk program; surfaces: melamine resin coating; table sides also lacquered (various colours); solid wood oiled; powder-coated base frame; models according to the appendix.

Product information of the company:

Height adjustment variants


Classic is characterized by a manual hook fi tting and the desks can be correctly adapted to the users in just a few simple steps. Height
information printed on the base helps with correct adjustment.


Comfort is characterized by an easy-to-use cable spool that allows the desk height to be continuously adjusted. The rope spool can be atta-
ched to the desk base and removed again for safety after setting the height correctly. Height information printed on the base helps with correct adjustment.


Express has a large mechanical adjustment range. By pressing the control lever, the desk can be adjusted faster than a person can get up and all without electricity. The spring force of the desk can be adjusted according to the desk load, completely weight-neutral. The height adjustment can also be blocked.


Tilting mechanism


Joker-tilting mechanism with latching position

The Joker desk top can be easily tilted with the integrated spring support through 6 levels up to 16 degrees. At the same time, the latching prevents the plate from falling back uncontrolled.

Winner- tilting mechanism with clamp fitting and brake function

The desk top can be continuously raised and lowered by up to 18 degrees to the desired angle using a lever under the desk top.
The adjustable fi tting brake prevents the desk top from falling back unbraked.


Champion-tilting mechanism with cable pull technology

The desk top can be tilted gradually up to 20 degrees using a cable under the front edge of the desk. The tilting mechanism with the patented safety clutch provides excellent pinch protection.


Melamine coated wood-based board

moll furniture is made of melamine resin-coated wood-based board in accordance with EN 312 and EN 14322. The Formaldehyde class CARB II is complied with, which is based on more stringent limit values than the E1 test method according to EN 120. As per the current state of knowledge, no damage to health or adverse eff ects will occur.


Brand: moll

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