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Midea Midea Split-type Room Air Conditioner Xtreme Series MSAGBU-09HRFN7-QRD6GW/MOX331-09HFN7-QRD6GW 9000 Btu/h R290

Product information of the company:

Xtreme save Blue angel, 9000BTU, Compared with refrigerant R410A, R290 features a GWP of only 3, so it essentially causes no greenhouse effect or damage to the ozone layer. Because of the higher performance of R290, the charge volume is 61% of R410. It is regarded as a really low-carbon  and environmental refrigerant, and it is also widely favored by the international community.

The product is currently not commercially available.

Brand: Midea

GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd

No. 22, Lingang Road, Beijiao, Shunde
Foshan, Guangdong, 528311 P.R.C.
Sales Manager Thomas Kunnig