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MEISTER MeisterDesign. allround DD 700 S

Product information of the company:

The ecological recyclable flooring with a lifetime guarantee – made from recycled materials.

MEISTER’s allround flooring lives up to its name: waterproof and extremely robust, with an integrated sound-absorbing cushion and a renovation-friendly height of only 5.5 mm, it’s an all-round multitalent. And, it’s a sustainability champion too: as well as mineral components, the innovative special board consists of up to two thirds recycled plastic. And the cycle continues: MeisterDesign. allround and its installation scrap are recyclable without being made into other products, such as flower pots, or other forms of downcycling – instead, the floor is made into a new floor covering of equal quality. This floor is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, as well as heavily frequented areas, such as the kitchen or hallway – true to its name! MeisterDesign. allround is also perfect for installation over underfloor heating or cooling systems.


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