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Linoleum Bodenbeläge, gemäß Anhang zum Vertrag

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Tarkett Lino is produced in Narni, Italy, from natural raw materials according to the original recipe since 1898. This allows the Tarkett team to develop a deep know-how and an intimate understanding of each natural ingredient, in order to optimally adapt the production process to them.

Designed with constant trend analysis and colour expertise, our collection has been developed with architects all over the world in every design phase. This has enabled Tarkett to find the right combination of colour, balance and structure for each individual design concept and helps to fulfil the architectural ambitions of each project.

Tarkett Lino combines tradition and innovation to meet the needs of users worldwide and provide them with a unique experience. Our linoleum offers a timeless design and robustness that will endure time.


Brand: Tarkett

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