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Lettura 100 Print – Script – Couvert – Listing – Base – Writing – Offset – Envelope Paper

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Lettura 100 Print – Script – Couvert – Listing – Base – Writing – Offset – Envelope Paper




The optimal combination of quality and environmental awareness


A recycled paper that meets the highest standards.


Environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled paper.


Lettura has been awarded the Blue Angel.




Lettura Printing Papers


Highest demands in natural look - for a perfect appearance.


The product range of Lettura printing papers has been adapted to the individual needs of our customers and is available in three different assortments:


·         Print


·         Script


·         Listing






Paper for envelopes with the highest demands.


Lettura-Couvert was developed specially for the manufacture of envelopes. The quality manifests itself in the highly pure materials, the high level of constancy in the quality and brightness, and the internal sizing and surface-sizing on both sides.


Lettura-Couvert has excellent printing properties, both in offset printing as well as in flexo printing.


Good runnability (comparable to that of virgin fibre paper) thanks to excellent cutting characteristics and high level of opacity and stiffness. This paper is hence ideally suited for use in state of the art, high performance envelope machines.


Low level of air permeability makes it ideal for automatic envelope stuffing.




Lettura - recycled papers for that special image


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