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KEIM AquaROYAL®-MW (only permissible with the components listed in the appendix)

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The enormous economic and ecological benefits of external thermal insulation composite systems are generally recognised. Recently, however, the environmental impacts associated with ETICS have also become the focus of attention. In particular, the use of biocides to prevent mould and algae in the finishing plasters or paints associated with the system is viewed critically, because their use usually has a direct impact on the living conditions of the users.

The causes of microbiological infestation have long been known. The high insulating effect of the system and a very thin build-up of the subsequent plaster layers without any significant heat storage, cause the plaster surface, which is insulated from the building heat, to cool down every day to the night temperatures and thus regularly fog up with dew in the morning hours. An ideal breeding ground!

The only defence against this is to apply biocides to the plaster. However, since biocides have to be washed out in order to be effective, they are also lost to the environment in a short time and thus quickly lose their effectiveness.

The KEIM AquaROYAL® system pursues a fundamentally different solution approach and already prevents the accumulation of dew moisture on the surface. The system is based on a precisely coordinated behaviour of the individual layers in a defined system structure.  Through higher plaster thicknesses, the decisive functions can be transferred to individual layers, so that weather protection is ensured via the base coat, while the finishing plaster and paint absorb moisture conditionally if necessary and also store it temporarily. The capillary-active moisture transport within the finishing render and the high diffusion capacity of the coating subsequently ensure unrivalled fast re-drying.

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