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JONAS Hydro-Haft-&Tiefgrund

Product information of the company:

•    Primer for exterior and interior
•    With integrated nanoscale siloxane bonds 
•    Siloxane enhanced
•    Outstanding solidification effect
•    With integrated bonds for following coatings
•     No barrier build-up when applying too much material
•    Very good adhesion even on smooth undergrounds
•    Excellent penetration, even with gypsum, gypsumfiller, gypsum board, gypsum plasters and similar undergrounds
•    Water repellent characteristics due to silane agents
•    Problem solver for critical undergrounds
•    Without the addition of preservatives *
•    Free of preservatives according to “DE-UZ 102” (Version January 2019)




Brand: JONAS

JONAS Farben GmbH

Dieselstraße 42-44
42489 Wülfrath
Ralph Lagers