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Franz Anton Niedermayr GmbH & Co. KG Zeitschriften, Broschüren, Bücher, Kataloge, Prospekte, Werbebeilagen, Zeitungsbeilagen, Flyer, Bedienungsanleitungen • DIN A6-DIN A2 • 1-1000 Seiten • lose, Klebung, Heftung, Binden, Kaschieren • Bogenoffsetdruck, Heatset-Rollenoffsetdruck

Product information of the company:

Corporate values culture since 1801

We believe it is our duty to manufacture products of the highest quality using the most modern, safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient production methods. We do not just look at the product development process. A holistic view of the production lifecycle - in the sense of a sustainable approach - is part of our responsibility towards the environment, employees and society.

This approach is based on the values of a corporate culture that has been lived and breathed since 1801, more than 222 years ago.

Our guiding principle is: economically sound, ecologically correct, socially responsible.



As a reliable media service provider in a highly competitive market, the company strives for 100% customer satisfaction, which it pursues through an individual customer satisfaction model. The aim is to exceed customer expectations and thus significantly improve customer satisfaction. We see quality not only as meeting our customers' requirements, but also as a challenge for continuous improvement.


Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

For several years, we have been investing heavily in the renewal of our machinery. Through efficient and innovative process solutions, as well as comprehensive control of all key input materials, we are able to continually reduce our resource requirements. Our company is therefore fit for the future, which means that business growth no longer has to go hand in hand with increased environmental damage.


Environmental protection

The company is actively committed to protecting the environment and aims to minimise or eliminate the environmental impact of its operations. We also aim to use as few environmentally hazardous substances as possible in our operations. This is the only way to ensure continuous development. We take responsibility for the environmental impact of all our products, services and other business activities, as well as those of our suppliers and service providers, where these are related to our business activities. We have already achieved Scope 1 & 2 carbon neutrality through savings and offsets. If you wish, we can offset your entire order.

To make this transparent, you can also find our sustainability report here (only in German), as well as our EMAS environmental statement and other environmental certifications.

Brand: Franz Anton Niedermayr GmbH & Co. KG

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