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Everprint Plus Office paper, copy paper, printing paper

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Everprint paper is part of Clairefontaine's recycled range.

The recycling process used to manufacture this paper is guaranteed without de-inking, without optical brightener, or chlorine bleach. It is 100% recycled.

Everprint is a paper specially designed for offset printing: folders, files, etc.

The technology used in the manufacture of this paper offers remarkable quality. Its dimensional stability allows a perfect print rendering. Its flatness makes it suitable for multiple impressions.



• 100% recycled multifunction paper  

Guaranteed jam-free laser and inkjet printing  

• Natural whiteness 

95 CIE

• Environmentally friendly manufacturing  

Green energy, little waste generated, no use of chlorinated products 

• Zero Plastic 

Ream wrapper 100% moisture barrier paper, without polyethylene film and recyclable in waste paper.

• CO2 neutral 

Neutral carbon, thanks to the steam production from 100% biomass energy.

Brand: Everprint Plus


2, Route d'Avaux
02190 Evergnicourt