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Erfurt Rauhfaser, Qualitäten: Avangarde, Romantic

Product information of the company:
Rauhfaser AvantgardeThe exciting texture

The cubic-square shape of the wood fibres conjuring up a cheerful vivacity on the wall is the outstanding feature of this woodchip wallcovering. It transforms every room into an experience and a personal oasis of well-being – especially after it has been painted in your very own personal favourite colour.

The benefits at a glance:

  • The ‘Original’: simple to use, success every time
  • Environmentally-friendly and healthy
  • Free of PVC and plasticisers
  • Breathable and moisture-regulating
  • Suitable for allergy-sufferers
  • Can be re-painted several times

Brand: Erfurt

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Erfurt & Sohn KG

Hugo-Erfurt-Straße 1
42399 Wuppertal
Jutta Loerakker