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Berner Formwork release agent Premium

Product information of the company:

Usuable on formwork before pouring of the concrete, ensures a residue-free separation of formwork and concrete

Biodegradable release agent for all types of formwork

Especially well suited for high quality exposed concrete


Easy and efficient to use

  • Trouble free ready to use application by spraying, rolling or brushing
  • Economical in consumption
  • Outstanding release efficiency helps to minimize cleaning prior to re-use of the formwork

Excellent surface/material compatibility

  • Enables high quality, low-porosity concrete surfaces
  • Minimises the formation of cracks or holes on the concrete surface
  • For absorbent and non-absorbent formworks (treated and untreated wood and plastic)
  • Usable with heated formworks up to 60 °C

Safe, reliable and very ecological

  • Extends lifetime of the formwork and improves profitability ingeneral
  • Mineral oil and solvent free therefor very low environmental hazard
  • Biodegradable to a high degree
  • If applied correctly adhesion of subsequent coatings (insulation material, plaster, paints) are not affected

Brand: Berner

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