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Bahag LOGOCLIC AQUASTOP Smart Limited 2 mm

Product information of the company:

Lasting quality and excellent performance

The Logoclic underlay Aqua Stop Smart Limited 2 mm is made of highly pressure-resistant, extruded polystyrene foam (XPS). It guarantees lasting quality and excellent performance in terms of acoustics and load capacity. Not only does it reliably protect the flooring when constantly exposed to foot traffic and heavy furniture, it also optimises room acoustics in combination with laminate or wood flooring.

Moisture protection or vapour barrier is already integrated into the product in the form of an AquaStop film. Furthermore, the premium product Logoclic Aqua Stop Smart Limited is suitable for underfloor heating and is easy to install as a folding panel.


Brand: BAHAG


Gutenbergstraße 21
68167 Mannheim