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Presentation of certificates

First certification for building waterproofing made from liquid plastics (DE-UZ 233)

Two women and two men hold up a picture with the certificate
Award-winning: Katja Becken and Outi Ilvonen from the German Environment Agency award the Blue Angel to the two ELAPRO managing directors Mario Saalmann and Gerrit Christiansen (f.l.). © Elapro

“For us, it is important to create an initial spark in the market when it comes to looking at environmental and health risks,” explains ELAPRO managing director Mario Saalmann and: “As a manufacturer, we can tell our customers a lot of things, but it is much more important to convey transparency, respectability and objectivity with an ecolabel that they know and understand.” ELAPRO has been continuing the over 80-year tradition of Wolfener Lackfabrik at its production site under its new name since 2014.

Liquid plastics with the Blue Angel are ecotoxicologically harmless when in contact with rainwater and minimise environmentally harmful pollutant loads in rainwater from the roof. This enables rainwater drained from the roof to be used in an environmentally friendly manner. The Blue Angel for building waterproofing made from liquid plastics recognises products that have non-hazardous formulations, are made in a resource-friendly manner with at least 50% green electricity and fulfil strict criteria on ecotoxic effects during leaching tests. Products with hazard pictogams that indicate environmental or health hazards are excluded.

This ecolabel is displayed on products that – beyond the legal provisions –

  • release low levels of pollutants into the water cycle,
  • do not contain any pollutants that cause significant disruption during disposal
  • and are manufactured and marketed in a resource-friendly manner.