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Did you know that you can purchase pens certified with the Blue Angel?

Thema des Monats Nov. 2021
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Environmentally friendly writing is possible

Pens certified with the Blue Angel are not only produced from resource-conserving materials – i.e. from recycled or renewable raw materials. Selecting the right materials is an important way to conserve resources. One solution is to use recycled materials sourced from e.g. paper paperboard or plastic. The preferred option is to use recycled plastic (so-called post-consumer waste) sourced from private households, agriculture, trade and industry. High-quality recycling of these materials is superior to many other types of recycling from an ecological point of view.  

In addition, the certified pens must verify that they have a longer service life than standard pens. Many of the certified pens can thus be easily refilled once they are empty. As is standard in all of the Basic Award Criteria for the Blue Angel, the criteria for pens also focus on environmental and health aspects. Therefore, pens awarded with the Blue Angel contain low levels of harmful materials and are free of carcinogenic ingredients.

Your benefits for the environment and health when you choose to purchase pens with the Blue Angel ecolabel (DE-UZ 200):

  • resource-conserving production processes
  • long service life
  • low level of harmful materials