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Did you know that recycled paper places less burden on the environment?

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One easy way to help protect the environment is to purchase products made out of recovered paper. This is because recycled paper not only conserves our forests but also protects the climate and helps to reduce waste. 
The Blue Angel aims to ensure that almost all paper fibres are kept in the paper cycle. The advantage of paper fibres is that they can be used more than once. As sanitary paper products are at the end of the usage chain and can no longer be recycled, it is important that these products are made out of recovered papers that cannot otherwise be used for more high quality applications. If sanitary paper products are made out of virgin fibres, these fibres are unfortunately thrown away or flushed into the sewers and are thus lost to the paper cycle. The Blue Angel promotes the use of 100% recovered paper in its criteria for sanitary paper products. Most of the recovered paper must also be sourced from ordinary, medium and kraft paper grades, which are primarily recovered from household collections. 

In a comparison of their impact on ecological systems, those paper products made from recovered paper perform significantly better in terms of their waste water pollution and consumption of water and energy than paper products made from virgin fibres. 

The days when tissues and other hygiene wipes made out of recycled materials were considered to be rough, harsh and unkind to the skin are also long gone. Products made out of recycled fibres are now not only soft but it is often no longer possible to notice any difference between them and tissues made from virgin fibres.

Choosing to purchase products made out of recycled paper is thus an easy decision, don’t you think? 

Benefits for the environment

  • low use of energy and water in the manufacturing process
  • made from 100% recovered paper
  • low level of harmful materials

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