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Did you know… that camping is not automatically environmentally friendly?

© Unsplash/Dominik Jirovský

Mobile toilets are one of these things. Although you don’t often find them in tents, most motorhomes are equipped with a mobile toilet as standard. These solitary places predominantly use environmentally damaging sanitary additives containing biocides to reduce unpleasant odours and the formation of gas in the toilets. Anyone who is looking for more sustainable alternatives can rely on the sanitary additives compatible with wastewater treatment plants that are certified with the Blue Angel. These additives fulfil strict requirements with respect to their ingredients and do not have any negative impact on disposal processes at wastewater treatment plants. Yet even those camping toilets that use sanitary additives certified by the Blue Angel should still only be emptied at the official waste disposal points at the campsite.

Benefits for the environment and health of sanitary additives certified with the Blue Angel (DE-UZ 84a):

  • low level of harmful materials
  • compatible with wastewater treatment plants

And once you have finished your business, you can also do something else to help the environment immediately afterwards. Toilet paper is a basic item that is needed on every camping trip and also has many different uses even outside of sanitary facilities. Anyone who chooses to purchase more sustainable versions made out of recycled paper can not only keep their motorhome or tent but also their conscience clean. Naturally, the Blue Angel can also help you – as always – to select sustainable products in this area.

Another tip for your camping holiday: Unfortunately, disposable products still remain very popular. Anyone who want to go camping or take their motorhome out into the countryside often quickly grabs paper plates and plastic cutlery in the supermarket without really thinking about it. But if you purchase a reusable set instead, it not only reduces the burden on the environment but is also good of course for your wallet in the long term.

In summary: Camping is good for you! And if you pay attention to a few important aspects when preparing for your next trip, you can also do something good for the environment at the same time!