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Did you know… that the Blue Angel also certifies floor coverings?


The Blue Angel certifies elastic and textile floor coverings, as well as floor coverings made out of wood and wood-based materials. Floor coverings cover large surfaces and often the entire living area, whether in a bedroom, children’s room, living room, kitchen or bathroom. It is thus important to select floor coverings that have a particularly low level of pollutants and emissions and which thus cause less pollution of the room air. The Blue Angel evaluates these emissions based on the evaluation procedure developed by the “Committee for Health-Related Evaluation of Building Products” – a committee of experts from environmental and health authorities at a federal government and state level.

The best way to lay floor coverings is to use adhesives that are also certified with the Blue Angel. This is because adhesives can contain semi-volatile organic compounds that are released over long periods of time and thus find their way into the room air through the floor covering. The Blue Angel also certifies alternative adhesives that are low in pollutants. 

Further information on the different Basic Award Criteria and certified products can be found here:

Anyone who chooses to purchase floor coverings made out of wood should ensure that they have the lowest possible impact on the environment and climate and use wood from sustainable forestry.

More information can be found here:
Environmentally Friendly Floor Coverings, Panels, Doors (DE-UZ 176)