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Presentation of certificates

“The Blue Angel sets standards and creates transparency and trust.”

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What does the certification mean for the new licence holders, and what roles do environmentally friendly materials play in roof design if climate change also continues to advance at our latitude? Once the trade fair was over, Christian Deckert, Head of Product Management for Waterproofing Membranes at alwitra, answered these and other questions on environmentally friendly construction.

Mr Deckert, can you give us an example of the influence climate change is already having on the planning and construction of roofs?
Conscious decisions for climate-resilient construction and an active reduction in the environmental impact when planning and implementing roofs are increasingly coming to the fore. From urban farming and green roofs to cool roofs: activating roofs as usable ecological space and to prevent heat island effects in urban areas is an important contribution in the fight against climate change.

What was a key factor in your decision to aim for certification with the Blue Angel?
alwitra has always been a driver of innovation in the flat roof sector. The certification of our EVALASTIC waterproofing membrane in light grey with the Blue Angel was an important step for us. It enabled us to show that sustainable construction, clean roofs and the highest environmental standards are also possible in the flat roof sector.

What specific contribution does the EVALASTIC waterproofing membrane make to environmental protection?
The EVALASTIC waterproofing membrane in light grey combines purity with sustainability. It has undergone ecotoxicological testing, minimises environmentally harmful pollutant loads in rainwater from the roof and is also 100% herbicide-free. This makes it ideal for green roofs and urban farming and perfect to safely use water drained from your roof. The high reflectivity also makes an active contribution as a cool roof and reduces the heating of buildings and the formation of heat islands in towns and cities.

There are also many labels and certifications for construction and building materials. What makes the Blue Angel stand out?
The Blue Angel is the most well-known ecolabel in Germany and presumably beyond. The Blue Angel sets standards and creates transparency and trust. We are very proud to also be part of this group with EVALASTIC light grey and to be able to fulfil the strict criteria for waterproofing membranes, which go far beyond the legal requirements.

Can an ecolabel like the Blue Angel thus not only promote sustainable construction but also change the industry in the long term?
alwitra sees itself as a driver of innovation in the flat roof sector. With the certification of our light grey EVALASTIC waterproofing membrane, we want to lead the way and fulfil the constantly growing demands and Basic Award Criteria. Last but not least, we naturally also have a great responsibility with regard to climate protection and sustainable construction and want to live up to this and set standards in the industry.

What do the next steps and contributions towards sustainable construction look like at alwitra? Are there more product certifications to come?
We are currently assessing above all our logistics concepts and adapting them in terms of sustainability. We are also constantly working on further expanding our product portfolio, especially in the vertical plane of roof waterproofing. Our systematic approach helps to make flat roofs more durable and sustainable in that all of the components are coordinated with each other.