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Presentation of certificates

Blue Angel awarded to the textile company klaamotte

Auszeichnung klaamotte
© Paul-Werner Hildebrand

Christoph Eßer-Ayertey, Head of RAL Environment, awarded the Blue Angel certificate to the company last Saturday (9 April 2022) at the “Green World Tour” sustainability trade fair in Frankfurt am Main. das Unternehmen.

About klaamotte

klaamotte, which is based in Kelkheim in the Taunus region near Frankfurt am Main, was jointly founded by Martina Jezeran and Roland Bedenbender. Their aim is to produce clothing that embodies the principles of quality, social fairness and environmental friendliness. With this in mind, each and every one of the high-quality blouses and shirts manufactured by klaamotte is truly one of a kind. A unique QR code is printed onto all of the shirts and blouses from klaamotte. This code provides consumers with detailed information on the manufacturing process, relevant certificates held by the manufacturer and any certificates for the raw materials used in each specific piece of clothing. The outer fabric of the blouses and shirts is made out of 100 percent certified organic cotton, while environmentally friendly materials that are low in pollutants are used for all of the other components.

The Blue Angel for textiles

All textiles certified with the Blue Angel – such as the blouses and shirts from klaamotte – are required to meet high environmental standards. For example, companies must guarantee that any cotton fibres used in the products are sourced 100 percent from organic cultivation. Textiles certified with the Blue Angel are also not permitted to contain any chemicals that are potentially harmful to health, such as flame retardants. Substances that are harmful to the environment and human health must be avoided or reduced to a minimum. The Blue Angel is also undergoing a comprehensive, sustainable transition that will see it focus on people and the environment to an equal extent. Therefore, the Basic Award Criteria for textiles not only focus on environmental aspects but also on compliance with social standards.


About the Blue Angel

The Blue Angel has been the ecolabel of the German federal government for more than 40 years and the guide for sustainable purchasing. It is an independent and credible label that sets stringent standards for environmentally friendly products and services. The Blue Angel guarantees that the products or services it certifies meet high standards when it comes to its environmental, health and performance characteristics. The whole life cycle of the product or service is always taken into account in the assessment process. Criteria are developed for each product group and must be complied with by those products and services holding the Blue Angel. In order to reflect any technological developments, the German Environment Agency checks the criteria every three to four years. This ensures that companies are required to make their products even more environmentally friendly over time.