Keter / Curver Aufbewahrungsboxen und Wäschebehälter gemäß Anlage

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Discover Infinity line , Curver's laundry line with a laundry box and laundry basket in a clear and simple design with very good ventilation thanks to a unique perforated structure. The 60L laundry box will accommodate the whole family's clothes, while the 40L laundry basket will make it easier for you to transport your laundry. With its clear lines, INFINITY blends into almost any living area, whether in the bathroom, bedroom or laundry room.


 Ready to Collect   is the ideal waste separation solution for your home, made from 100% recycled plastic! Modular & highly functional, the Ready to Collect line will fit any kitchen, utility room or garage. Available in different sizes: from a 5L organic kitchen-waste composter, to a 10L, 20L or even 30L bin, collecting empty packaging, bottles, or cans has never been so easy. 

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