Join World Ecolabel Day on 17 October!

Since 2018 more than 50 countries have joined our day of action to mark the anniversary of the Blue Angel and celebrated World Ecolabel Day with their eco-label programmes. This year we will celebrate World Ecolabel Day together – on 17 October 2019.

World Ecolabel Day is a global day to celebrate eco-label products and services that protect you and the planet. Eco-label products are proven to be environmentally preferable and performance-tested, so you are ensured the best products for your health and the health of the planet.

Your commitment to eco-labels is important – join us!
We call on everyone – consumers, companies and communities – to jointly raise awareness of sustainable consumption all over the world on World Ecolabel Day and to discover the eco-labels available in your own countries, to buy and use third-party certified products and services and to share the good news with family, friends, neighbours and co-workers.

Together we want to inspire consumers to consume sustainably. We are particularly pleased about promotions that emphasise the Blue Angel and its environmental benefits. In addition, all other promotions and events that address the idea of sustainability and help consumers navigate the growing jungle of labels are very welcome.

Anyone who wants to join is not limited to 17 October. Promotions, projects and events on the occasion of the Action Day can take place throughout the whole of October.

Join in and communicate
Use World Ecolabel Day for your communication and to show your commitment to our environment! We have put together visual statements, infographics, text templates and other materials for you:
Visual statements, images and texts to spread the word about World Ecolabel Day and your commitment