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Energy-Saving Toasters (DE-UZ 167)

A toaster is one of the basic items that belong to a German household. Even though it is used for only a few minutes each day, the high power consumption of a regularly and intensively used appliance adds up to an annual power consumption of almost 50kWh (8 slices per day). In addition to power consumption, other key issues of consumer health protection are pollutant emissions, as, for example, the emission of formaldehyde. And there are safety aspects that play an important role during the useful life of a toaster: the exterior surfaces of some models can become extremely hot, thus posing a burn hazard to users. Moreover, there are safety risks when slices of bread get stuck in the appliance.

The Basic Criteria for award of the eco-label make sure that Blue Angel-labelled products are low in power consumption. Also, the Blue Angel toasters feature low pollutant and emission levels, meet stringent safety requirements and have a great ease of use.

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