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Energy-Saving Set-Top Boxes (DE-UZ 196)

Blue Angel for Set-Top Boxes
Set-top boxes are devices designed for receiving digital, encoded and/or encrypted television signals. They are also often commonly known as "receivers". Set-top boxes expand the functionality of televisions by making additional multimedia content available. For example, a set-top box can enable users to access online and offline video libraries, receive television programmes via video streaming or surf the Internet. The premature replacement of a television set that does not possess these additional functionalities can thus be prevented through the additional use of a set-top box.
Set-top boxes awarded with the environmental label consume significantly less energy in comparison to other standard devices available on the market. Plastic parts in those devices awarded with the environmental label use materials low in pollutants.
In addition, those set-top boxes awarded with the environmental label fulfil strict requirements when it comes to their selection of materials, their adaptability to technological changes, the applicant's provision of appropriate infrastructure for taking back used equipment and their recycling-friendly design. These requirements create a sound basis for the longer use of the devices and the efficient recycling of the materials used.