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Environmentally Recycled Cardboard (DE-UZ 56)

stationary, office cardboard, hobby cardboard, creative cardboard, gray cardboard, folder cardboard, manila cardboard, letter file cardboard, bookbinding cardboard, letter file hard cardboard, gray cardboard for books / calendar backs, wood-containing index card cardboard (colored), wood-containing uncoated paper, filing clips, dividers, index, stapler, collection folder, letter file, recycling file, files, hardboard binders, ring binders, ring files, hanging files, suspension files, hanging pocket, hanging collector, hook-in files, hook-in files, hook-in pocket, pendulum folder, pendulum files, pendulum collection folder, eyelet files, eyelet binders, eyelet pocket, eyelet collector, collection folders, corner elastic folder, portfolio files

In a comparison of their impact on ecological systems, those cardboard products made from recovered paper perform significantly better in terms of their use of resources, waste water load and water and energy consumption than cardboard products made from virgin fibres that use wood as a source of fibrous raw materials – when the products have comparable performance characteristics. Recycled cardboard that has been awarded the Blue Angel environmental label is guaranteed to contain paper fibres that have been made from 100% recovered paper. The use of chlorine, optical brighteners and halogenated bleaching agents is also prohibited during the production process. Other materials such as plastic or metal are only permitted to account for a maximum of 5% of the total mass of the product.

This product group includes finished products made out of recycled cardboard such as folders, loose-leaf binders and suspension files. In addition, recycled cardboard made out of 100% recovered paper is also processed further to make finished products.

Finished products made from recycled paper for office and school supplies come under the scope of DE UZ 14b.

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