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Environmentally Friendly Mobile Phones (DE-UZ 106)

mobile phone

We can't imagine our lives without mobile phones. They have become a matter of course for most of us to make calls, send emails, surf the Internet or take photos wherever we are.

The Blue Angel criteria are a perfect help when buying a new mobile phone if health and the conservation of resources are of importance. Strict limits have been set for electromagnetic radiation. Harmful substances in the plastics have been minimized to promote precautionary health protection. A number of requirements have been included to ensure the longevity of the devices. The battery, for example, must meet particularly high quality standards and, of course, it must be replaceable by the user without expert knowledge being required. Spare parts must be available for components that typically break down (above all, battery, front glass and display). A key reason why people are often reluctant to give or sell their mobile phone for second-hand use are their personal data stored on the device; here, the requirement for Blue Angel eco-labelled devices is that the user himself/herself must be able to easily and securely delete these data.

A mobile phone has to travel a long way until it finally reaches the consumer. That is why the Basic Criteria for the Blue Angel also include requirements for the origin of raw materials, i.e. the so-called conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold) as well as for the conditions of production. Compliance with fundamental social standards at the manufacturing plants will be monitored on site by independent third parties.

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