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Environmentally friendly finished products made from recovered paper and cardboard (DE-UZ 14b)

Exercise books, book covers, writing pads, flip-chart pads, painting pads, drawing pads, ring binder dividers, labels, sticky memo notes, sticky notes, tinted drawing paper, tinted drawing card, handicraft paper, presentation cards, index cards, notebooks, memo cubes, unprinted postcards, unprinted envelopes, padded envelopes, invoice sheets, form books, paper dividers, tokens, desk pads, colouring books, text books, puzzle books, office calenders, gift paper, folders, ring binders, binders, organiser files, magazine files, dividers strips, dividing strips, circulation folders, document folders, file folders, conference folders, file covers, desk organisers, signature folders, application folders, file indexing systems, cardboard index dividers, clipboards, collection boxes, presentation cards

In contrast to the production process for paper made out of fresh fibres, producing paper from recovered paper not only saves resources but also generates less waste water and uses less water and energy. Finished products made from recycled paper that has been awarded the Blue Angel environmental label are guaranteed to be made from 100% recovered paper. The use of chlorine, optical brighteners and halogenated bleaching agents is also prohibited during the production process. In addition, other materials such as plastic, metal, etc. are only permitted to account for a maximum of 5% of the total mass of the product.

 If you are looking for copy and multifunctional paper made from 100% recovered paper, you will find it under the scope of DE-UZ 14a.

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