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SYN-setral-CA 2 B

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SYN-setral-CA 2 B

Fully synthetic special grease for the lubrication of steel cables, especially on ships, ports, shipyards and offshore platforms.

The product is especially suited for the application on winches, crane ropes, lifting systems, berthing ropes of ships and ports or sluices. In this context it distinguishes itself by good water resistance, very good adhesion and outstanding corrosion protection also under the influence of salt water.

Moreover the grease is based on a biodegradable oil. Because of this it´s application is highly recommended, especially with a view to the environmental sustainability of lubricants. It has to be emphasized, that in US waters only those lubricants are still allowed for use. Moreover the product is highly suited for the application near within waters, that serve recreational purposes and partly as food sources. Additionally, because of the smaller size, the dilution factor in those waters is way smaller than in the sea.


Because of its general composition, the product is also excellently suited for the lubrication of bearings.

Brand: setral

Setral Sàrl

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