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Saniflow® automatic hand dryers with steel or stainless steel cover is the rotating nozzle hand dryer that is most widely used in the world, regardless of the location to be fitted.

These machines also feature easy maintenance, low noise levels and a high level of user safety. Together with an accurate design of components, SANIFLOW dryers boast the most powerful airflow in the world, which, combined with a comfortable drying temperature, reduces drying times to a minimum.

Available in a 1.5 mm. thick steel cover, white or black finished, or in 1.5 mm thick stainless steel cover bright or satin finished is ideal for Heavy traffic Bathrooms.

Thus, these are proven models with a long durability and complete reliability, with anti-vandalism features and designed to be installed in high traffic of people such as airports, large hotels, sport centers, large recreational areas and large official organizations, among others.


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