ECOBAG Carrier bag

Product information of the company:


Cheap brown paper bags with Your LOGO

Cheap brown bags with print. Eco-friendly, made of smooth brown recycling kraft paper. Eco flexographic water based ink printing, from 1 to 4 selected Pantone colors. Promote your business by packing products in the store in eco-friendly brown paper bags with your company LOGO.

The most common prints on brown bags

The most popular color for printing on brown smooth bags is black. Choose the perfect format or few formats, set the amount of quarterly demand, send files in printing quality. Ecobag Network offisce will prepare an offer for smooth brown bags made of recycled paper with your LOGO!

Benefits to the Environment

  1. low use of energy and water in the manufacturing process
  2. made from 100% waste paper
  3. particularly low level of harmful materials