In a comparison of their impact on ecological systems, those cardboard products made from recovered paper perform significantly better in terms of their use of resources, waste water load and water and energy consumption than cardboard products made from virgin fibres that use wood as a source of fibrous raw materials – when the products have comparable performance characteristics. Recycled cardboard that has been awarded the Blue Angel environmental label is guaranteed to contain paper fibres that have been made from 100% recovered paper. The use of chlorine, optical brighteners and halogenated bleaching agents is also prohibited during the production process. Other materials such as plastic or metal are only permitted to account for a maximum of 5% of the total mass of the product.

This product group includes finished products made out of recycled cardboard such as folders, loose-leaf binders and suspension files. In addition, recycled cardboard made out of 100% recovered paper is also processed further to make finished products.

Finished products made from recycled paper for office and school supplies come under the scope of DE UZ 14b.




Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low use of energy and water in the manufacturing process
  2. made from 100% waste paper
  3. particularly low level of harmful materials

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

ADVEO Deutschland GmbH, Germany (1)
5-Star Schnellhefter, diverse Ausführungen
Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Co.KG, Germany (1)
REX - Kartonschnellhefter
Baier & Schneider GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (1)
BRUNNEN - Schnellhefter, verschiedene Ausführungen
Biella-Falken GmbH, Germany (1)
FALKEN - Kartonschnellhefter, verschiedene Ausführungen
Cavelli GmbH, Germany (1)
Maker - Schnellhefter, verschiedene Ausführungen
Edeka Zentrale AG & Co. KG, Germany (1)
GUT & GÜNSTIG - Kartonschnellhefter
ExaClair GmbH, Germany (2)
EDEKA - Schnellhefter, diverse Ausführungen
Exacompta - Schnellhefter, diverse Ausfürungen Exacompta - Schnellhefter, diverse Ausfürungen
ExaClair Limited, Great Britain (1)
Fullscap Spiral File, Spring coil fail, gemini spring/ Pocket spring file, Transferfile, Stronghold Wallet File different Performances and colours-Spiralhefter-/ Hefter mit/ ohne Tasche mit/ ohne Zusatzschließe verschiedene Formate, Farben und Schließmechanismen
Hamelin Filing Brands SAS, France (1)
ELBA Schnellhefter, Schnellhefter mit Tasche, Doppelfalzhefter, Doppelfalzhefter mit Tasche, Klemmhandmappen, verschiedene Ausführungen Folders with metal fastener
HAMELIN GmbH, Germany (1)
ELBA Doppelhefter, verschiedene Ausführungen
interES GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (1)
MILAN Schnellhefter, verschiedene Ausführungen
L & P Einkaufsgesellschaft mbH, Austria (1)
L & P - Schnellhefter, verschiedene Ausführungen
LEITZ ACCO Brands GmbH & Co.KG, Germany (2)
Esselte Hefter und Mappen, verschiedene Ausführungen
Leitz Hefter und Mappen, verschiedene Ausführungen
Loer & Schäfer GmbH, Germany (1)
Loer & Schäfer - Kartonschnellhefter
MCC Trading Deutschland GmbH, Germany (1)
SIGMA - Kartonschnellhefter
memo AG, Germany (1)
memo Schnellhefter, verschiedene Ausführungen
Office Depot International, Great Britain (2)
Flat Bar Files with/ without Pocket different Performances and colours-Schnellhefter, Schnellhefter mit Tasche
Spring coil fail, gemini spring/ Pocket spring file, Transferfile, Stronghold Wallet File
Office Depot International GmbH, Germany (1)
Office Depot Schnellhefter, diverse Ausführungen
Office Team, Great Britain (1)
Spring coil fail, gemini spring/ Pocket spring file, Transferfile, Stronghold Wallet File
PBS Holding AG, Austria (1)
DONAU - Schnellhefter, verschiedene Ausführungen
Pelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG, Germany (1)
HERLITZ Schnellhefter
Printus GmbH, Germany (1)
Printus Schnellhefter, diverse Ausführungen
Rodeco GmbH, Germany (1)
FLAMBO Schnellhefter, diverse Ausführungen
Scott Law Limited, Great Britain (1)
Spring coil fail, gemini spring/ Pocket spring file, Transferfile, Stronghold Wallet File
Staples GmbH Deutschland, Germany (1)
Staples Schnellhefter, diverse Ausführungen
WENCO GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (1)
Kyome - Schnellhefter, diverse Ausführungen