Cyclus Silk Formatpapier für den Bogen Offset

Product information of the company:

Cyclus Silk is a 100% recycled matt-coated, natural white paper ideal for full colour and black and white printing. The non-reflective matt surface is especially suitable for publications with a combination of large text areas and high quality pictures.

Cyclus Silk is made from recycled pulp and places priority on environmentally-friendly production, using the resources (energy, raw material and water) in the most effective way throughout the whole manufacturing process compared to paper from virgin fiber. By choosing Cyclus Silk, you can meet your environmental  commitments without compromising the visual quality of your work


Product features:

  • Natural white
  • Satin touch and feel effect
  • Low ink consumption in printing
  • High folding strength in further processing
  • High brilliance in the image sections
  • Homogeneous surface


Benefits to health and environment

  1. protection of resources due to high percentages of recycled paper
  2. drop in waste volumes due to the recycling of post-consumer paper products
  3. if certain proportions of primary or virgin fibres are used the wood must be from sustainably managed forests