Interstuhl AIMis1 Drehstuhl Polster: 1S01,1S02 Drehstuhl Netz: 1S03,1S04 Drehstuhl Chillback: 1S05,1S06 Drehstuhl Polster: 1S11, 1S12 Drehstuhl Netz: 1S13, 1S14 Drehstuhl Chillback: 1S15, 1S16 Drehstuhl Polster: 1S21, 1S22 Drehstuhl Netz: 1S23, 1S24 Drehstuhl Chillback: 1S25, 1S26 Drehstuhl Polster: 1S31, 1S32 Drehstuhl Netz: 1S33, 1S34 Drehstuhl Chillback: 1S35, 1S36

Product information of the company:


Diversity, from one mould: AIMis1 is a comprehensive range of office chairs which meets all workplace requirements. Its design is uncontradicted and widely accepted. The choice of AIMsi1 is always the right one - however large or diverse the property to be furnished.


Benefits to the Environment

  1. low emissions
  2. low pollutant content

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