Bioblo play and construction blocks in 13 colors: blue, yellow, green, ocher, orange, pink, red, chocolate brown, black, violet, white, brick red, beige; packed in recycled cardboard packaging with various quantities

Product information of the company:

Bioblos are colourful construction blocks with a unique honeycomb design and perfectly balanced proportions of 120 by 24 by 8 mm. Their innovative material made from 60% sawdust and 40% recycled plastics (up-cycling of reusable drinking cups) not only sets new standards for the ecology of toys, but also provides superior mechanical characteristics. When building with Bioblos there are virtually no limits to your creativity or imagination, which makes them attractive for children and adults alike.

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Benefits to the Health and Environment

  1. tested for pollutants
  2. safety tested
  3. social aspects of raw materials extraction and end production