Green clothes - more than a fig leaf

There are many textile standards on paper - but on most products they are missing. And not all label guarantee environmentally friendly standards for the entire production chain. Many consumers are overwhelmed by the sheer number of labels. They don´t know which labels they should consider. To be of practical use in every day´s life, a label must be well known and trustworthy. The aim of the Blue Angel is to provide a reliable guidance for sustainable textiles.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. environmentally friendly production
  2. tested for pollutants
  3. social criteria in the raw materials extraction and end production

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

Morgenstern GmbH, Germany (2)
Morgenstern Frottierware gemäß Anhang Morgenstern Frottierware gemäß Anhang
Morgenstern Fußball Frottier-Serie in den Farben gelb, grün, blau und rot Artikel: Waschhandschuh, Gästetuch, Handtuch, Duschtuch, Kapuzenlaken und Poncho