ICE Bear

Product information of the company:

RAW ICE Bear Winter Grit
Salt-Free Winter Maintenance with The Ecolabel “Blue Angel”

ICE Bear Winter Grit in granules is safe, environmentally friendly and economical. This natural, mineral gritting agent of volcanic origin gives immediate traction on pedestrian walkways and road surfaces with no negative impact on materials, the environment, people and animals. ICE Bear Winter Grit is economical when used, 80 litres are enough for approx. 2.000 - 2.800 m² of cleared traffic area.

With its low bulk density of 260 - 310 g/litre it is easy to handle, does not clog rainwater drains and gullies and must not be picked up again – an extensive cleanup of gullies and sewers including the disposal of material left behind are therefore (unlike stone chips) not necessary. ICE Bear Winter Grit is not as hard as crushed stone and therefore it can be recommended for use on sensitive surfaces such as natural stone floors or near technical equipment.

• Environmentally friendly
• Economical
• Gives immediate traction on sidewalks and road surfaces
• No hazard to animals' paws


Benefits to health and environment

  1. salt-free
  2. protects the soil, water and plants