No more tiptoeing around - a decision your feet can support
Shoes are important consumer products - every German consumer buys an average of 4-5 pairs per year. But what many consumers do not bear in mind: the manufacturing of the shoes includes several environmental relevant processes from tanning of the leather to finishing the final product. The aim of the eco label is to define high standards throughout the production chain protecting the environment and health. With the Blue Angel it will be easier to recognize good shoes in the future.

Benefits to the environment and health:

  1. tested for pollutants
  2. environmentally friendly production
  3. social criteria in the raw materials extraction and end production

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

Bevaform Service & Handels GmbH, Austria (10)
Esmara Damen Clogs: IAN 271796 A Pink, IAN 271796 B turquoise, IAN 271796 C weiß, IAN 271796 D blau
Esmara Damen Clogs: IAN 281955 fuxia, hellblau, mint
Livergy Herren Clogs: IAN 271795 A navy, IAN 271795 B khaki, IAN 271795 C schwarz
Livergy Herren Clogs: IAN 281954 schwarz, grau, marine
Lupilu Kleinkinder Clogs: IAN 271798 A rosa, IAN 271798 B olive, IAN 271798 C hell blau, IAN 271798 D dunkelblau
Lupilu Kleinkinder Jungen Clogs: IAN 281961 grün, blau
Lupilu Kleinkinder Mädchen Clogs: IAN 281962 pink, peach
Pepperts Jungen Clogs: IAN281957 grün, marine
Pepperts Kinder Clogs: IAN 271797 A berry, IAN 271797 B khaki, IAN 271797 C light blue, IAN 271797 D dark blau
Pepperts Mädchen Clogs: IAN281958 mint, lilac
OWIM GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (25)
Esmara D Clogs mit Warmfutter: IAN 301955: Color A: Marine, Color B: Berry, Color C: Light Grey
Esmara Damen Clogs IAN 273124-color A: Red; IAN 273124-color B: Light Blue; IAN 273124-color C: Coral; IAN 273124-color D: Blue
Esmara Damen Clogs IAN 284512-color A: Black; color B: Blue; color C: Fuchsia
Esmara Damen Clogs IAN 293462-color A: Marine; color B: Sky-blue; color C: Light Pink
Esmara Damen Clogs IAN 290684 Olive Melange
Esmara Damen Clogs IAN 297312-color A: Black with violet; color B: Blue color; color C: Fuchsia with Rosa
Livergy H Clogs mit Warmfutter: IAN 301956: Color A: Black, Color B: Blue, Color C: Dark Grey
Livergy Herren Clogs: IAN 273123 color A: Marine; IAN 273123 color B: Black; IAN 273123 color C: Grey
Livergy Herren Clogs: IAN 284510 color A: Black; color B: Marine; color C: Dark Grey
Livergy Herren Clogs: IAN 293459-color A: Black; color B: Marine
Livergy Herren Clogs: IAN 297307 color A: Black color B: Dark Grey color C: Marine
Lupilu Kleinkinder Clogs IAN 273126-color A: Pink; IAN 273126-color B: Light Blue; IAN 273126-color C: Blue; IAN 273126-color D: green
Lupilu Kleinkinder Clogs IAN 284514-color A: Black mit Antracite; color B: Light green mit grassgreen; color C: Blue mit Turquoise
Lupilu Kleinkinder Clogs IAN 284515-color A: Green; color B: Marine; color C: Pink mit Rosa
Lupilu Kleinkinder Clogs IAN 293467-color A: Rosa; color B: Light Mint; color C: Lilac
Lupilu Kleinkinder Clogs IAN 293468-color A: Green; color B: Marine
Lupilu Kleinkinder Clogs IAN 297320-color A: Marine with Red; color B: Blue Light with light blue; color C: Green with dark green
Lupilu Kleinkinder Clogs IAN 297321-color A: Yellow; color B: Lilac; color C: Rosa
Pepperts Kinder Clogs: IAN 273125-color A: Navy; IAN 273125-color B: Green; IAN 273125-color C: Pink; IAN 273125-color D: Blue
Pepperts Kinder Clogs: IAN 284516-color A: Blue; color B: Green; color C: Marine
Pepperts Kinder Clogs: IAN 284517-color A: Mint; color B: Light Blue; color C Fuchsia
Pepperts Kinder Clogs: IAN 293465-color A: Fuchsia; color B: Mint
Pepperts Kinder Clogs: IAN 293466-color A: Marine; color B: Green
Pepperts Kinder Clogs: IAN 297315-color A: Blue; color B: Green; color C: Black/Red
Pepperts Kinder Clogs: IAN 297316-color A: Blue two coloured; color B: Violet; color C: Pink
Think Schuhwerk GmbH, Austria (5)
Modell Chilli Ballerina schwarz/kombi 8-88108-02
Modell Chilli Ballerina shell 0-80108-28
Modell Chilli Schnürer rosso/kombi 0-80101-72
Modell Chilli Schnürer schwarz 8-88101-00
Modell Chilli Slipper schwarz/kombi 8-88106-00