Paper that helps save money and spare the environment
To dry your hands, as a hygiene paper or for body care – there is a great demand for paper in bathroom and toilet. Those who use products made from waste paper instead of virgin fibres act with vision. Such action does not only contribute to a reduction of the volume of waste but also helps to conserve wood resources. In addition, products made from post-consumer papers often do much better than products made from virgin fibres not only from the ecological perspective but often also from the financial point of view – offering comparable properties of use.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. low use of energy and water in the manufacturing process
  2. made from 100 % waste paper
  3. particularly low level of harmful materials

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

BUDNI Warenhandelsgesellschaft mbH, Germany (2)
Budni 100er 4lg RC - Kosmetiktuch
Budni 200er 2lg. Kosmetiktücher
Dirk Rossmann GmbH, Germany (1)
alouette 200er 2lg. Kosmetiktücher
dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG, Germany (4)
Ebelin 200er Kosmetiktücher
Soft & Sicher - Kosmetiktücher
soft & sicher 120er 4lg.- Kosmetiktücher
soft & sicher 160er 3lg- Kosmetiktücher
EDEKA ZENTRALE AG & Co. KG, Germany (1)
Elkos 200er 2lg Kosmetiktücher
Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (1)
Kosmetiktuch - natuvell 100er 4lg Recycling
memo AG, Germany (1)
memo Kosmetiktuch memo Kosmetiktuch
Merkur Warenhandels AG, Austria (1)
Merkur 100er 4-lagig RC-Kosmetiktuch
Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG, Germany (2)
Kosmetiktücher 100er 4lg
Kosmetiktücher 200er 2lg
Wepa Hygieneprodukte GmbH, Germany (5)
Duchesse Kosmetiktücher 200er 2lg.
Kokett 100er Box 4lg.
Mach Mit Kosmetiktücher Box
Mach mit… Kosmetiktücher 200er 2-lagig
Softstar 100er 4lg. RC - Kosmetiktuch