Klo Floh Sanitärflüssigkeit für Campingtoiletten im privaten Bereich

Product information of the company:

There is something living in the bottle that takes care of everything ! The microorganisms 

Sanitary liquid Klo Flea with microorganisms

 for camping, caravan, boat, mobile toilets WC, caravan, motor home, allotment garden WC, airplane etc


No more clumping of WC paper as it dissolves !

And with Klo Floh you can dispose your mobile toilet in the normal toilet!




KLO FLOH makes the toilet happy... is our new environmentally conscious sanitary additive for all mobile toilet systems in caravans, motor homes, boats, buses, campers, mobile homes and weekend houses. The natural microorganisms used promote the decomposition of faeces and the decomposition of toilet paper. The waste water tank remains hygienically clean.bwassertank Klo Floh is also the perfect holiday companion due to its fresh scent! It is economical in use, non-labelled and harmless for sewage treatment plants.


Biologically very easily degradable. Labelled with the blue angel and "made in Germany". 




Shake before use! Before first use with microorganisms, clean the mobile toilet thoroughly with a neutral cleaner.


Add 50-75ml KLO FLOH per 10 litres tank volume to the waste-holding tank.


To achieve an optimal effect it is absolutely necessary to add between 2-3 litres of water.



Clean the camping toilet thoroughly with neutral cleaner or rinse it several times with water so that the old chemicals do not attack or kill the microorganisms.


Advantages for the use of products based on microorganisms:


without harmful effects on the environment

Conventional environmentally harmful chemicals become superfluous

Safe handling

Good stability and long durability

Replaces products based on formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds


Economical in use

Easily biodegradable

Harmless to aquatic organisms and sewage treatment plants

Do not use hot water in connection with the Klo Floh. (the microorganisms work most effectively in warm water)



The decanting of bottles and canisters:


Do not use used or rinsed containers. Containers and funnels must be cleaned thoroughly with a neutral detergent.


Use with other cleaning agents:


Never mix Klo Floh with biocides, disinfectants, acidic+alkaline cleaners and chlorine-based products.


The microorganisms would be destroyed immediately and the product would tip over


For your attention:


Store product only in the original container and separately from food. Protect from children!






<5% anionic surfactants, microorganisms. Further ingredients: fragrances and dyes.




1. awarded with the blue angel - so Klo Floh makes the environment happy too.


2 There are more and more authorities and campsites that demand the use of sewage treatment plant compatible sanitary additives based on microorganisms.


3. use of Klo Floh - for the love of nature







Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low level of harmful materials
  2. compatible with wastewater treatment plants