styro styrotrend Abfallsystem in schwarz, aus Recycling-PS

Product information of the company:

Separate litter - save money!

Did you know that you can lower the costs up to 10% by separating litter and waste-paper? To really save money in the long run with this clever, modular waste-disposal trolley you need to put away all waste-paper flat and not crumble in anymore like you mabe used to. This way the containers can hold much more waste-paper and need to be emptied less often.

Simple and effective

There are two sizes of containers. The bigger one holds all kind of waste-paper from newspaper to spreadsheets. The little one (with or without cover) is designed for all in of litter like coffee or tea cups, bana skins etc.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastics
  2. PVC-free