Pöppelmann Blue, TEKU Rundtöpfe, Container, Vierkanttöpfe, Schalen, Ampeln, tiefgezogen/Spritzguss und Dekortöpfe- und Container; Farbe: blau

Product information of the company:


100 % recyclable plant pots made of 100 % recycled plastic.

Environmental and climate protection becomes more and more important for the end consumer. And the topic of resource conservation is important to us as well. Therefore the plastics used for our plant pots in the “Recycling Blue” colour come directly out of the recycling bin and returns there as well. This allows for a closed raw material cycle. We call this initiative PÖPPELMANN blue®.

Resource-saving and printable.

With Pöppelmann TEKU® sustainability is even more attractive now. Our resource-saving 100% recyclable plant pots in the "Recycling Blue" colour are now also available with printed motifs. Of course, you can still expect the same high quality "made by Pöppelmann" standards you are familiar with – so that you can persuade your customers in the long run.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastics
  2. PVC-free