KIS Aufbewahrungsboxen und Mülleimer aus Recycling-Polypropylen, Farbe schwarz//Mutlifunctional Boxes and bins made of recycling-polyproylene, colour black: 8433000 SCUBA BOX M; 8431000 SCUBA BOX L; 8432000 SCUBA BOX XL; 8434000 TRAY SCUBA BOX M-L; 8560000 K LATCH S; 8561000 K LATCH M; 8563000 K LATCH L; 8566000 K LATCH XXL; 8075000 DUAL SWING BIN S; 8076000 DUAL SWING BIN M; 8077000 DUAL SWING BIN L

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Benefits to the Environment

  1. manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastics
  2. PVC-free