Forever® recycled PP Sammelmappen mit Gummizug und 3 Klappen, Archivboxen mit Gummizug, Ringbuchregister 5, 6, 10 oder 12 Reiter, Ordnungsmappen mit Gummizug, Ringbücher mit Metallmechanik, Farben: türkis, blau, rot, orange, grün / 3-flap folders with elastic straps, filing boxes with elastic straps, dividers 5, 6, 10 or 12 parts, multipart files with elastic straps, ring binders with metal mechanism, colours: turquoise, blue, red, orange, green

Product information of the company:

  • Forever PP is produced from collected household waste that is sorted and processed into granules.
  • Strong: durable recycled polypropylene keeps contents safe and clean.
  • Subtle papyrus grain provides a pleasant and grip touch.
  • This product range is Blue Angel certified.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastics
  2. PVC-free