INPLANOR Carrier bag (Different versions according to applicant)

Product information of the company:

Carrier bag in which post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic has been used as the main material. The main material is recycled low density polyethylene (recycled LDPE). At least 80% is post-consumer recycled plastic with EuCertPlast certification.

Depending on the application required by the customer, they can be manufactured in a t-shirt format, a die-cut handle, patched handle, soft loop handle or as a handle-free bag.

Total compliance with the requirements of Spanish legislation (RD 293/2018, minimum thickness 50 microns and minimum percentage of recycled plastic of 70%) that allow free delivery to consumers at points of sale.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. At least 80 % recycled plastic respectively foil at least 80% recycled plastic
  2. Limitation of pollutants