INPLANOR Carrier bag (Different versions according to applicant)

Product information of the company:

Carrier bag in which post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic has been used as the main material. The main material is recycled low density polyethylene (recycled LDPE). At least 80% is post-consumer recycled plastic with EuCertPlast certification.

Depending on the application required by the customer, they can be manufactured in a t-shirt format, a die-cut handle, patched handle, soft loop handle or as a handle-free bag.

Total compliance with the requirements of Spanish legislation (RD 293/2018, minimum thickness 50 microns and minimum percentage of recycled plastic of 70%) that allow free delivery to consumers at points of sale.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. Protection of resouces by using recyclates
  2. Restrictions on the levels and the release of contaminants