hanit® Hanit building materials made from recycled plastics in accordance with the attachement

Product information of the company:




In principle, construction is easy, provided the material is easy to process, splinter-free, stable under load, and available in the required dimensions. It should, of course, feature an excellent price-performance
ratio, and it should be sturdy. Maintenance-free, weatherproof, and rot-resistant materials pay off in the long term.

All this applies to the finished parts, panels, walls, floors, and profiles made of hanit®. They are superior to concrete, steel, and wooden elements in key aspects. hanit® products are also the best choice from an ecological point of view due to the Blue Angel certification (water neutral and non-toxic according to the Federal Soil Protection Act).


Further information on our products in the field of Building and Construction can be found in the attached data sheets or directly on our homepage www.hahnplastics.ca.


Benefits to the Environment

  1. At least 80 % recycled plastic respectively foil at least 80% recycled plastic
  2. Limitation of pollutants

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