Flexi Loop Handle Carrier Bag, Vest Style Carrier Bag and Punch Out Carrier Bag (in Various sizes and thicknesses)

Product information of the company:

Euro SME is capable of producing vest style carriers (also known as T-shirt bags) in a range of sizes, colours and designs; from economical candy coloured carrier to premium high density polyethylene printed vest carrier, printed with up to eight colours. We have developed recycled and bio-degradable vest style carries which are commonly used by supermarkets and grocery stores.

Loop handle bags are primarily intended for the needs of specific retailing, particularly retail fashion shops and boutiques. Our Bags offer large, uninterrupted surfaces for printing up to six colours as well as high quality process printing. Euro SME is capable of supplying loop handle carriers in a wide selection of sizes, with or without a bottom gusset, with different sizes and colours of loop handles.

Euro SME manufactures customized high quality printed polythene POH bags in white, clear and a large range of colours. These bags can be made with or without a "turn over top". These "TOT" punch out handle bags have better strength and weight carrying capacity.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. At least 80 % recycled plastic respectively foil at least 80% recycled plastic
  2. Limitation of pollutants